Learning-by-doing programme for "Community Care" volunteers (3 months min.)

The volunteer is a "team player" person fully responsible for taking care of the community during his agreed hours. He represents the entire community as the key contact point for connecting members to our projects and creating a friendly atmosphere.

- 21-35 years old, interested in common good, sustainable development and community management
- regular visa (tourists, students), working permit, or EU resident
- Not suitable for persons looking for a pay job or a quiet/solitary nest.

- ChangeMakers, social activists, young social entrepreneurs, students interested in common good, alternative economy, community management, non-profit organisation governance,
- Volunteering grant programmes with French gov (VSC) or the EU (EVS), master research , internships ,
- world-tour travellers stop-by, "City Woofing".

The volunteer is a "team player" who freely joins the “Community Care” team in order to experiment the life and challenges of sustainable development projects. During your agreed hours (4-5h.day average) you represent the entire community as the key contact point for connecting members to our activities and their environment, maintaining the place and creating a harmonious atmosphere.

How you will live:

We ensure a good pedagogic framework, insurance, administrative support and training. You also get food vouchers, laundry and accomodation in our volunteers' dormitory + some additional goodies (free treks with guide, conferences, ngo events …).

What you will be “learning-by-doing”:

Collective Intelligence and participative governance
- contribute to the team coordination in order to develop each others potentials
- generate friendly cooperation and open communication between members
- participate to the weekly Community Care meeting and co-manage everyday life
- anticipate issues and solve pending problems as a team

Develop your community management skills
- Welcome our members and travelling guests at the reception
- Deal with phone calls, plannings,  applications, bookings and check-ins
- Discover the best places in town and share your top touristic tips
- Learn to manage a daily accounting and cashier

Manage the general upkeep of a community place
- Learn low-energy organic cleaning and laundry
- "Do-It-Yourself” with the participative care of the facilities
- Contribute to the healthy food lifestyle (shop, cook, store)(optional)
- participate to the implementation of an on-going project

How to apply?

Please send the following to contact@sharehouse.fr

- Your CV + photo
- The dates you would expect to stay with us (min. 3 months)
- a video recording (see instructions below)

Please record a video of yourself in English or French with your answers to the following questions + reading the text:

- What is your name and where do you come from ?
- What did you study ?
- What do you do in life ?
- What would be your best contribution to Hello Marseille?
- What are your plans in the future ?

Text to read in the vidéo:
“Hello Marseille est un jeune projet associatif basé sur l’intelligence collective et le bien commun. Plus de 300 volontaires sont venus apprendre et contribuer au développement de nos activités depuis 2010. Notre communauté rassemble des personnes qui veulent s’éduquer à un niveau professionnel aux théories et pratiques du “Développement Durable”. Nous ne sommes pas un endroit ordinaire - il est nécessaire d’être sincèrement motivé et engagé pour s’intégrer pleinement dans l'atmosphère de notre environnement social. C’est un endroit pour vivre, apprendre et créer ensemble."