About Us

Who are we?

Hello Marseille is
- a non-profit organisation registered with the French government since 2010
- a self-sustained and self-managed community of free citizens implementing educational  projects
- running the small and humble “Guesthouse” and “Sharehouse” traveller’s places
- an active member of www.uiajpf.org youth hostel network in french speaking countries

This educational community is designed to build-up common knowledge and good practices for a humanistic and efficient sustainable economy. We are organized around 3 pilars:

A vibrant oasis for life in the middle of a beautiful place, close to nature, that contributes with its social innovation to the cultural and touristic outreach of the region.

Free experiential education for young talents who want to experiment managing a social entrepreneurship project and prepare themselves for active life.

An ecosystem of human-sized projects dedicated to  education, societal impact and job creation. It enables volunteers and changemakers to join forces with local social entrepreneurs in the implementation of sustainable activities.

Be aware that for practical reasons our project's language is English. It enables more volunteers to join us and facilitates your integration in a very diverse ecosystem. If you also want to improve your french, Marseille has plenty of surprises for you and the Marseillais are very famous for their talkative skills!

Thank you in advance for your journey with us


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